The Ministry will still allow emission measuring stations to work without photodocumentation

The Ministry will still allow emission measuring stations to work without photodocumentation
30/11/2017Press releases

The Ministry of Transport will allow emission measuring stations that were unable to acquire the necessary software issue inspection reports in the current mode by the end of the year. Starting on 1 December, the emission measuring stations were obliged to send photodocumentation from the inspection to the Central Information System and post the measurement results online. The information was published by the ministry in an extraordinary bulletin.

The Ministry will still allow emission measuring stations to work without photodocumentation

"We don't want to make the life of any driver unnecessarily complicated by not letting him/her arrange the inspection just because the software suppliers did not handle the increased requirements, so the stations could not connect to the system. Everything is prepared on the side of the ministry for routine operation, but we don't want to transfer the issues of emission stations on motorists," says the Minister of Transport Dan Ťok.

Trial operation was performed in the emission measuring stations in November, during which mechanics were taking photos of the vehicles. The images are, together with the measurement results, uploaded to the online Technical Inspection Station Information System. The same system has been used since last year in Technical Inspection Stations.

Until today, 1078 emission stations have been registered in the information system of the ministry. Everything is ensured by the ministry, the CIS STK system is fully operational. Not all stations connected to the CIS STK system have a secure software connection between their measuring instruments and the central system. When checking the readiness of the stations, the ministry was informed that a significant portion of emission measurement providers are waiting for the delivery of the necessary software from their contractual partners.

Therefore, for the sake of seamless inspection processes, the Ministry of Transport issued the following instruction: The emission measurement system operator who is not able, for objective reasons, to enter the vehicle data and measurement result into the CIS STK system immediately after getting the data, e.g. due to failure of the supplier meeting the deadline when updating the software of the measuring instruments, until 1 December 2017, then it issues the emission measurement report directly from the measurement instrument (existing method). The emission measurement protocol with a positive result, issued no later than as of 31 Dec 2017 from the measuring instrument in the current method, will be accepted by the Technical Inspection Station without being uploaded into the CIS STK system."

The Ministry insists that, all stations shall be connected to the system and make images and records from January at the latest. Documenting the presence of a car on the line for the measurement should prevent fraud in measuring emissions. It will no longer be possible that the vehicle passes the inspection without actually visiting the station. Since December it will also no longer be possible that a vehicle that does not pass the measurement in one station goes and "tries its luck" in another station. The reason is that the measurement protocols will include, in addition to photos, times and the check time. Furthermore, records in the system cannot be overwritten.

Emission engineers will document the front and rear view of the vehicle as well as the production plate, the tachometer and the VIN code – in the same way as in the technical inspection. The images will also serve as additional mileage verification. This change will simplify administration for the emission measurement stations. Once a station writes the vehicle data in the system, it will only search and find the data with the next measurement and will not need to enter the data again.

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