Current Measures in Transport

Current Measures in Transport
30/6/2021Press releases

(UPDATE ON 2 JULY) The Ministry of Transport informs about the current measures in transport adopted to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Current Measures in Transport

Travelling to selected countries

Neighbouring countries are gradually opening for Czech citizens. Entrance conditions vary across countries, therefore, we recommend following website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information about the entrance conditions applied in Germany, see the website of the Czech Embassy in Berlin, the website of the Czech Consulate in Dresden and the website of the Czech Consulate in Munich.

For more information, please follow this link.

For more information, see the website of the Czech Embassy in Vienna.

For more information, see the website of the Czech Embassy in Warsaw.

Great Britain – lorry drivers
From 6 April, lorry drivers arriving in England must take a COVID-19 test if they are staying for more than 2 days. They will need to take a further test every 72 hours after that, if they are still in England. For more information, see guidance here.

From 26 February, travelling to the following countries is forbidden (except where necessary): Botswana, Brazil, India, SAR, Kenya, Columbia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Eswatini, Tanzania, Tunisia (incl. Zanzibar and Pemba Islands), Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Traffic light system for travellers
The Czech Republic joined the European traffic light system, which indicates the level of the disease and therefore significantly changes rules for travelling abroad. The Ministry of Health is responsible for keeping the information up to date. You can find the updated information on this website.

Flights from Prague Airport
Updated information about flights departing from the Prague Airport is available on this website.

Travelling signpost of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The signpost and updated information about travelling to all European countries is available on this website.

Railway transport

České dráhy
From 13 June 2021, long-distance trains commissioned by the Ministry of Transport are fully provided. Some commercial trains of SC and IC type between Prague and Ostrava region remain suspended until further notice. Temporarily, there is a restricted operation of some direct night trains or the passengers can use only some accommodation services in night trains.

České dráhy together with Železniční společnost Slovensko renewed operation of motorails between Prague and Poprad. In July and August, the motorail will operate from Prague in direction to Slovakia at night of Friday to Saturday and will return at night of Saturday to Sunday.

From 13 June, motorail EN 443/442 Slovakia renewed operation between Prague and Košice. Two motorails with a capacity up to 20 passenger cars are available and one moto carriage with capacity up to 10 passenger cars will be added to a train set on a route from Prague to Poprad. Reservation for sleeping car is included in the ticket to motorail for both the driver and other car passengers.

Motorail from Prague to Humenné remains suspended.

For more information, see the website of České dráhy.

For more information, see the website of Regiojet.

Leo Express
For more information, see the website of Leo Express.

Obligation to wear a respirator in public transport

From Thursday 25 February, all passengers in public road and railway transport must wear a respirator or a similar respiratory protection (e.g. masks from a nanomaterial). Both types of protection must comply with all technical conditions, i.e. no exhalation valve and at least 95% filtering efficiency. 


Technical Inspection Stations

The technical inspection stations (STK) remain opened. The current government measures do not apply to STK. The EU Regulation extends validity of roadworthiness checks, which expired or would have expire between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021 by 10 months since the original validity date. STK stations remain open so drivers can keep their vehicles in a safe technical condition.

From 1 March, car repair shops are open under the condition that customers will not enter the shop. The entire communication with a customer must take place in the outside premises, including outdoor work place.

Driving Schools

Operation according to a so-called Driving Schools Act from 24 May 2021:

Based on extraordinary and precautionary measures, the Ministry of Health defined sanitary conditions for activities provided according to Act no. 247/2000 Coll., point I/13. The driving school operator must ensure compliance with precautionary measures such as disinfection of surfaces in the vehicle, which are prone to direct contact, after each ride by using a virucidal disinfectant.

Theoretical and practical training, driving exams and other activities provided according to Act no. 24/2000 Coll. are possible under general precautionary measures. Number of persons is not limited by the resolution.

For more information, please, contact the Ministry of Health. 

Government Resolution of 17 May 2021

Driving restrictions for lorries during weekends and holidays remain unchanged – the pre-coronavirus conditions still apply.

German federal ministry of transport agreed with federal states on suspending a restriction on transport of vaccines by lorries on Sundays and public holidays until 30 June 2021.

The federal ministry of transport recommends to the federal states to suspend driving restriction for lorries on Sundays and public holidays until 31 January 2021 included for the entire transport of goods. More information are available at the Ministry’s website.

Driving restrictions for lorries during weekends and holidays remained unchanged – the pre-coronavirus conditions still apply.

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