The entire Prackovice estacade on the D8 motorway will serve drivers from the end of September

The entire Prackovice estacade on the D8 motorway will serve drivers from the end of September
30/8/2017Press releases

After September 20 the D8 motorway will be operational in all four lanes on the Prackovické estacade. Following the meeting of the Geotechnical Monitoring Council, the transport minister Dan Ťok and the Director of the Road and Motorway Directorate Jan Kroupa said this. Monitoring of the bridge estacade will continue and further upgrades will be made starting from the spring season.

The entire Prackovice estacade on the D8 motorway will serve drivers from the end of September

"A lot of measures were taken on the D8 motorway that helped stabilise its subsoil. The measurements are very encouraging and could lead to the opening of all four lanes on this motorway. For September 20 we are planning a long-term test measurement and testing in tunnels and will have to close the motorway for half a day. After that, we would like to open the motorway in the coming days," said minister Dan Ťok.

Assuming that no unforeseen displacements will take place during the measurement, the D8 will be operational within three weeks in its entire profile. However, work on this motorway does not end with this step. There is still a need for high-pressure grouting under the crucial places of the Prackovické estacade structure. "From the spring of next year, it will still be necessary to do further grouting under pillars, so that one lane will always be closed in an alternating way. We would like to improve safety here, we want to reach the highest values possible," said Ťok.

Based on the experience with grouting in the site, it is clear that the injection under the bridge supports will affect the subsoil of the area up to a considerable distance. It is also for this reason that the grouting will be adjusted only during the work, responding to the actual monitoring results. The motorway sits in a complex geological area and its monitoring will continue, but nothing prevents it from serving drivers.

All experts involved in the work on the D8 motorway have done a great job in the complex technical conditions. "Our measures worked in exactly they way we expected. The repair work since the commissioning of the construction up to the present time amounts to CZK 320 million and another CZK 50 million are expected to be spend next year according to the current calculation," adds the ŘSD CEO Jan Kroupa.

The last missing section of the D8 motorway between Lovosice and Řehlovice has served drivers since December 17 of last year. The D8 motorway was opened in its entire length last year based on the preliminary use permit issued by competent building departments based on positive statements from all competent authorities. An expert assessment of the slope stability in the wider environment of the motorway, including an opposing statement of the Czech Geological Survey, were among the inputs.

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