It is better to buy vignettes in advance

It is better to buy vignettes in advance
11/1/2021Press releases

Despite the simplicity of a new e-vignette system, mistakes can be made. It is therefore best to purchase the vignette in advance. Drivers can check the entered data afterwards and correct potential mistakes.

It is better to buy vignettes in advance
The easiest and most sought way to purchase an electronic vignette is via online store (approx. 80 % of purchases). Since last December, 308,808 persons bought their e-vignette online, mostly a one-year option (281,165). Approximately half of the purchases via e-shop are done from a smartphone, the other half from a computer.

“Every now and then, people enter a wrong plate number or e-mail address during the online purchase. If they set the beginning of validity immediately, unfortunately, it is impossible to correct potential mistakes. That is why we recommend buying the vignette at least couple of days ahead. Then the drivers can check the details and make potential changes”, advises Martin Opatrný, spokesperson of CENDIS, the responsible entity behind the e-vignette system.

What to be aware of when buying an e-vignette?

1.    The new one-year vignettes are not valid for a calendar year, but for any 365 days. So, if I do not need to buy a vignette with validity from 1 February, when the old one-year vignette expires, I can buy a new one in spring before my first ride on a motorway.

2.    Regardless the sales channel (e-shop, post offices or EuroOil petrol stations), it is best to buy the e-vignette at least couple of days ahead. By doing so, I will avoid potential issues with incorrect data.

3.    If I wish to pay via bank transfer, I cannot set a validity date of the e-vignette immediately but only 5 working days after submitting a payment order. For example, if I submit a payment order on 11 January, I can set the beginning of validity from 18 January.

4.    If I buy the e-vignette at a post office of Česká pošta or EuroOil petrol station, I must check the entered data immediately on the spot! The change is possible only within 15 minutes on the same branch; otherwise, it is impossible to make changes, since the e-vignette is valid immediately.

5.    If I buy the e-vignette via e-shop and set the beginning of its validity immediately, I cannot change the plate number. I must enter the data correctly, even the e-mail address, otherwise, I will not receive a confirmation about the payment. 

Till 11 January, 373,743 e-vignettes for more than CZK 518 million were sold, out of which 43,056 on post offices of Česká pošta, 20,487 on EuroOil petrol stations and 1,392 via self-service kiosks.

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