Transport statistics for 2020

Transport statistics for 2020
29/3/2021Press releases

The Ministry of Transport publishes preliminary transport statistics for 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we can see a visible drop in passenger transport. Number of passengers in rail transport decreased by 30%, in bus transport by 35% and in air transport by 84%. The Ministry will publish final data in an annual report this June.

Transport statistics for 2020
Preliminary transport statistics for 2020 are available here.

The mostly hit transport mode in 2020 was the air transport. Air carriers registered a fall by 84% compared to the previous year. The decrease is mostly visible in the second quarter when the volume reached only 2% of that in 2019, and then in the fourth quarter with a 10% volume. The airports registered a decrease by 80% of checked-in passengers in 2020.

The public transport accounted for a yearly decrease by 30%. We can also see a drop in passenger rail and bus transport.

The pandemic has not dramatically affected the freight transport. For example, data for rail freight transport for the entire 2020 show a decrease in transported tonnes by approx. 8% and in transport volume by 6%. However, in the fourth quarter the volume of transported goods in tonnes increase by 3% and the transport volume in gross tonne-kilometre (kgtm)* by 4%.

The road freight transport registered a significant increase in transport volume in 2020 (almost 45%); the volume of transported goods in tonnes fell by approx. 9%. The increase is given mainly by a significantly growing trend in the international road freight transport. Although, we need to point out that despite this significant growth in kgtm, the values of transport volume are on the level of 2015, when the decrease started.

Data will be used for further statistical purposes outside the Ministry, for example by the Czech Statistical Office or other institutions.

* The product of total weight and the distance moved by a train.

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