The government adopted new strategy to decrease collision death toll to half

The government adopted new strategy to decrease collision death toll to half
4/1/2021Press releases

A long-term aim of the Strategy, which was adopted today by the government, is to decrease death toll and severe injuries as a result of traffic collisions. Similarly, to other EU and UN Member States, the Czech Republic aims to reach this goal by 2030. Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030 builds on a National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020. It will be implemented through action plans, which will be newly adopted for two years term.

The government adopted new strategy to decrease collision death toll to half
“Last year, the number of fatal traffic collisions significantly decreased; however, we need to take into account lower traffic due to pandemic measures. This Strategy follows a detailed analysis of the main causes behind serious accidents. It is a long-term plan to increase safety on our roads not only by prevention and sanctioning, but also by investing into infrastructure and introducing new technologies”, said minister of transport Karel Havlíček.

Action Plan 2021–2022 consists of 45 specific measures, clearly defines the responsible entity, time limit and measurable criteria of fulfilling an activity

The focus is on young drivers, speeding, elimination of places of frequent accidents, advanced technologies and efficient law and order with effective sanctions for violation of road traffic rules. By placing rail crossing barriers on 1st and some 2nd class roads, building new parking places for lorries in rest areas near motorways and inspection places of such vehicles, the safety on roads should be increased. A new program to promote placing of crash barriers protecting drivers from collisions with a tree should increase safety on lower class roads. In the cities, it is necessary to protect vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists) and accommodate the traffic area to their needs and safe passage.

After two years, the assessment of the action plan will be submitted to the government for discussion along with a draft action plan for 2023–2024. An important condition for fulfilling the Strategy is completion of a legislation process for the amendment to Road Traffic Act adopted by the government in August.
“The amendment will tighten up sanctions for dangerous offences, introduce further driving bans, simplify point system, enhance the possibility to settle the offence with a police on the spot and implement a so-called provisional driving licence for beginners”, said Mr Havlíček.

Precautionary campaign according to Action Plan

In the course of next two years, these campaigns will focus on speeding, distracted driving, right use of protection (seat belts, baby seats, safety helmets, reflective features) and on increasing awareness of drugs and medicine influence on driving ability.

Responsible ministries, Police of the Czech Republic, Road and Motorway Directorate, Association of Regions, Union of Towns and Municipalities, Czech Insurance Association, representatives of car producers and importers, Transport Research Centre and other entities cooperates on drafting the BESIP Strategy 2021–2030 and the Action Plan within the Government Council on Road Safety. The government council will continue to provide support to the Ministry of Transport in fulfilling the Strategy and drafting a follow-up action plans.

All materials (Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030, Action Plan 2021–2022 and supporting analytical documents on accident rate development) are available here (only in Czech language).


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