Fees Charged for Motorways and selected Roads of 1st class

Fees Charged for Motorways and selected Roads of 1st class

General Information

The subjecting of motorways to a fee is regulated by Act no. 13/1997 Coll., On the Road Network, as amended.

Motorways, which are marked with a road sign as a motorway, determined by an Implementation Regulation, can only be used by a motor vehicle with at least four wheels, upon the payment of a fee for the use of a motorway.

The fee can be paid for a whole calendar year, one month, or ten days. In the case of motor vehicles with the highest permissible weight over 3,5 tonnes, is required to pay distance-based toll charges. You can see more information (also in foreign languages) about electronic fee collection system in the Czech republik on: www.mytocz.cz

The fee is paid prior to the use of a motorway by a motor vehicle.  The payment of the fee is documented by a valid two-part coupon, one part of which is completely attached to the interior side of the clear glass of the windshield of a motor vehicle, in the lower right hand corner (from the driver’s perspective), so that the driver’s view is obstructed as little as possible and the coupon is visible from outside of the vehicle.

This first part must also:
  • Correspond to the prescribed specimen;
  • Contain information about the licence plate number, which corresponds to licence plate number of the motor vehicle *;
  • Bear the same markings as the other part of the coupon, printed over the holograph element of the coupon, i.e., a series of two letters and a six-digit serial number;
  • Contain a specification of the term of its validity, in the case of short-term coupons (one-month, ten-day), the beginning of the term must be marked by the vendor, by punching through a hole;
  • Be in the value corresponding at least to the fee determined according to the highest permissible weight of the vehicle or articulated vehicle. 

    * When the licence plate number changes, the coupon remains valid, even though it bears the original licence plate number of the vehicle.

    Both parts of the coupon serve for checks by the Czech Police or customs authorities.

    If the first part of the coupon is not attached, does not specify the term of validity or the licence plate number of the vehicle is not filled in, the coupon is invalid.

    Note: It is recommended that drivers, in their own best interest, check when purchasing short-term coupons (one-month, ten-days) whether the vendor marked the beginning of their validity correctly, before they attach them.

    The coupon is non-transferable and, once it is attached, it cannot be reused for another vehicle.

    The coupon needn´t be changed in the case of a change in the licence plate number of the vehicle.

    Once the term of its validity expires, the coupon must be removed from the windshield.

    Sanction: The use of a road subject to a fee, without a valid two-part coupon, may be subject to a fine of up to CZK 5,000.00, and in administrative action up tu CZK 100,000.

    The sales outlets must be marked with a sticker and coupons may only be sold at their nominal prices, set by a government directive.  Coupons can be purchased at all post offices (Česká pošta, a.s. ), from contractual vendors at fuel stations, primarily on the network of toll motorways and high-speed roads, and at connectors to those roads.  They can also be obtained at border crossings and at other places servicing motorists.  All vendors must be equipped with information materials, i.e., with a sticker marking the sales outlet, the price-list, and a four-language information leaflet.

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