Ministry will provide 150mil. crowns from OPT to support building up of hydrogen filling stations

Ministry will provide 150mil. crowns from OPT to support building up of hydrogen filling stations
30/5/2018Press releases

The Ministry of Transport will also support building up of filling stations for hydrogen as part of the already running program for the support of alternative fuel infrastructure. For this purpose, 150 million crowns are detached from the European funds under the Operational Program Transport (OPD).

Ministry will provide 150mil. crowns from OPT to support building up of hydrogen filling stations
The Ministry of Transport announces the relevant invitation on 30 May. The deadline for submitting applications will be October 17, 2018. Applicants engaged in economic activity in the areas of: distribution of gaseous fuels through networks, gas trade through networks, research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, gas production, production of technical gases, electrical installations, electricity trade or electricity distribution and who will submit a project for the construction of hydrogen filling stations in the Czech Republic. The scope of the project depends on the applicant's deliberation. The maximum support from eligible expenditure can reach up to 85 % in this invitation. Submitted applications for support will be assessed in particular in terms of economy, readiness and relevance of the project.

"From this first invitation on hydrogen filling stations, we would like to support the construction of at least four to five stations from dedicated funding. This is how we would like to lay the foundations for the development of hydrogen mobility in the Czech Republic, "says Minister of Transport Dan Ťok.

On the basis of the Ministry of Transport's assignment, a study on the use of hydrogen in transport was made in 2017. The main conclusions of this study also include that at least 12 hydrogen stations are needed to develop hydrogen mobility by 2025, and that in this situation, it is expected that approximately 70 hydrogen buses and 12.5 thousand passenger cars will be operated. Also due to these reasons, already in 2017, the allocation of hydrogen station support from the originally planned 100 million CZK has been increased to 200 million CZK. The second invitation for the support of hydrogen stations (allocation of 50 mil. CZK) the Ministry of Transport plans to announce in the first quarter of 2019.

The National Action Plan for Clean Mobility, which was approved by the government already in November 2015, talks about supporting the development of infrastructure for charging stations, CNG, LNG and hydrogen filling stations. In total, the Ministry of Transport has allocated 1.2 billion crowns to the program for support of alternative fuels under OPD.
More detailed information on the terms of the support is part of the detailed documentation of the invitation, which is published on the website of the OPD Managing Authority:

This invitation for support of the development of hydrogen filling station infrastructure relates on invitations that are focused on supporting the construction of a backbone network of fast charging stations, supplementary networks of conventional charging stations for electromobiles and CNG, LNG filling stations.

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