After a winter break, workers are back on D1 motorway. Works will end this year

After a winter break, workers are back on D1 motorway. Works will end this year
18/2/2021Press releases

This weekend, the final construction season on D1 has begun. On Friday, warning signs and protective barriers were deployed, and on Saturday 20 February, the modernisation of a section 23 Devět křížů (EXIT 168)–Ostrovačice (EXIT 178) in direction to Brno started. As of Monday, drivers will drive in a 2+2 mode in carriageway in direction to Prague. Works on the other sections will start in the course of March.

After a winter break, workers are back on D1 motorway. Works will end this year

“This year, just under 50 kilometres of D1 motorway remain to be modernized, out of which 8 kilometres on a section 12 by Humpolec will be completed already in spring without any significant restrictions for drivers. In the course of the year, there will be ongoing works on four sections in a length of approx. 41 kilometres,” specifies minister of transport Karel Havlíček and adds, “After nine years, the modernization of D1 motorway between Mirošovice and Kývalka in a total length of 161 kilometres will end.”

Apart from section 12, works will continue on section 2 between Mirošovice and Hvězdonice, on section 11 between Koberovice and Humpolec, on section 16 between Velký Beranov and Měřín and on section 23 between Devět Křížů and Ostrovačice. Drivers should expect some restrictions on these sections. Minister Havlíček asks drivers to remain patient again this year.

As in previous years, drivers can use two narrowed traffic lanes in both directions apart from short-term exceptions. The Ministry of Transport and the Road and Motorway Directorate will deploy all measures to protect drivers as well as workers on constructions, which are close to traffic. These measures will include section speed measuring to make traffic smoother, temporary low crash barriers, highlighted traffic signs and movable information system. 

Completing the D1 motorway is one of minister’s priorities: “We want to finish the works by October, meaning we need to avoid any other complications. I am ready for regular inspections of all modernized sections,” plans Mr Havlíček and calls upon drivers, “This year will be difficult for construction workers as well as for drivers. However, it is the final year. Besides being patient, I ask for discipline, adherence to smooth traffic rules and keeping safe distance to avoid traffic jams caused by accidents.”

The modernization of 161 kilometres long section on D1 between Mirošovice and Kývalka has begun in 2013 and will end in autumn 2021. The construction is based on a total removal of the original surface and subbase and construction of a new motorway in the same track at full operation, including all road flyovers.

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